New Initiatives and Projects We Support


This year KHA has a special program in cooperation with "Start-Up". The program begins its seventh year of operations in the South of Israel and seeks to advance higher education amongst young Ethiopian Isarelis.

Students, who meet the following criteria can participate in the program:

  • Ethiopian youngsters who are learning academic studies, preferably married / with families / single mothers.
  • Living / learning in the South of Israel.
  • Students who don't receive a scholarship from the Students Administration Office in Israel.
  • Students accepted to the program would receive a scholarship in the amount 5,000NIS, tutoring if needed, personal support throughout the year and empowerment workshops.

Website: www.startup7.org.il

Hadassah Academic College

Hadassah Academic College is one of the top academic institutions in Israel. The college is recognized by the Council for Higher Education and its tuition is parallel to the universities. It views itself as a leading academy in a constantly-changing world and as such, places emphasis on relevant academic programs aimed at providing students with the tools for long-term development in the employment market. In its 43 years of operation, the college has trained thousands of graduates in various fields. Today, there are 13 academic programs for Bachelor’s degrees in a variety of disciplines: computer sciences, medical laboratory sciences, environmental sciences, biotechnology, optometry sciences, communication disorders, social work, photographic communications, inclusive industrial design, politics and communications, economics and accounting, behavioral sciences and management of service organizations. In addition, there are four scholastic programs for Master’s degrees in optometry sciences, communication disorders, computer sciences and management of service organizations.

As part of the college’s extensive efforts to make higher education accessible to broader populations, it operates several different pre-academic preparatory programs that assist young adults who lack the prerequisites for acceptance by academic programs. Not only does the college teach ensure that its students leave with excellent academic and professional tools, it also takes responsibility by actively working to integrate its students and graduates into the work force. Therefore, over five years ago, the Center for Career Management was opened, based on the understanding that during their studies and in the years following completion of their degrees, students can benefit significantly from guidance in their first steps toward integration into the work force, with job offers, placements, employer connections, workshops and more.



WeCode is Israel’s first and only Academic-Coding Bootcamp focusing on individuals from underprivileged and diverse backgrounds with participants hailing from the full spectrum of Israeli society: the Ethiopian community, Arab society, ultra-orthodox communities, and immigrants.In addition, this year WeCode accepted applicants that were economically affected by Covid19 (unemployed). The WeCode training model consists of a new and innovative training that combines academic core classes in computer science, an industry demand-driven coding bootcamp, and a strong focus on 21st century digital and interpersonal skills. We enable our graduates, as part of our program, to find entry-level positions as programmers in hi-tech companies, attain upward social mobility and as a result, substantially impact their lives, their communities, and the entire hi-tech industry in a positive fashion. Our ultimate goal is to create a national employment mobility channel and allow multiple Israeli populations to integrate into our Hi-Tech industry, and to assist in narrowing the socio-economic gaps in Israel. WeCodes’ unique model has won the prestigious Google EDU innovation grant for two years in a row and has had a 90% success rate in placing its graduates at leading companies. By introducing our students to the hi-tech industry, we are also doing our part to enhance the supply of strong, home-grown programmers for the tech industry in Israel.